Staff Profiles

Here's a little bit about our dedicated staff that you might want to know:

Kelly Greenwell, Executive Director

Kelly started working at Quadra Village Community Centre in June 2011 and became the organization's third Executive Director since 1975, in November of 2011.  He is a registered Social Worker who has worked in the social services field since 1993 in both Victoria and Vancouver.  Kelly has a background that includes community development, youth, family,  addictions, adoptions and child welfare experience.  His previous roles have included Executive Director, Project Coordinator, Counsellor and Social Worker. He was the recipient of the United Way of Greater Victoria Award for Collaboration and Partnership at the 2014 Victoria Leadership Awards.   Kelly enjoys the down to earth vibe of the Quadra Village Community Centre and the rich diversity of the Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood.  He likes that his work days are often "like a box of chocolates"  and the knowledge that we are making a difference here at Quadra Village Community Centre.  When he's not working hard for the organization he's trying to keep up with his young sons and sharing a laugh about their latest hijinks.

Admin Team:

Tracey Campbell, Finance & Human Resources Coordinator

Tracey has lived in Quadra Village since 2001, yet it took 11 years before she found the Centre and began volunteering at the reception desk. It took a mere week and she was hooked...accepting the full-time Administrative Coordinator role in May that same year. The role quickly grew to oversee volunteer coordinator, facilities management, reception and community support program supervision, human resources management, accounts payable/receivable, and payroll administration. In 2015 a part-time employee was hired to oversee volunteers and community support, and in 2018 her role was split further, narrowing the focus to finance and HR. When not at work you'll find Tracey cooking, camping, hiking an Island trail, attending a hockey game, watching old or foreign movies, reading a book (paper, never electronic), or simply enjoying a little piece of solitude somewhere in nature...preferably in a kayak!

Chloe Dufort, Community Programs Coordinator

Since Chloe started working at QVCC in January 2016 as an Out of School Care Leader, she has worn many hats around the centre, including Front Desk Reception, Youth Drop-In Worker and Recreation Coordinator. She is now the Community Programs Coordinator and oversees the Volunteer Coordination, the Community Support Programs and Communications. She also facilitates the CREW and Sr. Girl's Group. She has a Fine Arts degree in theatre, which she puts to use around the centre more often than one might think! She loves working at QVCC and is continuously touched by all who stop by.

Shawna Erskine, Reception

Shawna began working at Quadra Village Community Centre in 2008, after many years of frequenting it as a community member. Her primary role includes greeting visitors, answering their questions, and directing them to the appropriate program, service or staff member. Shawna oversees front desk duties such as answering phones, sorting donations, providing copy and fax service to the community, and numerous other tasks! Her favourite part of the job is the ability to chat with, and get to know, the local community. More often than not you will find her singing along to the radio, surrounded by many visitors. When not at work, Shawna enjoys spending time with her husband, two boys, their dog and extended family members.

Tesla Palmatier,  Facilities & Administrative Coordinator

Tesla Palmatier, haling from the great state of Montana, came to QVCC after completing her BSC in Psychology at Uvic. She now oversees Facilities and Administrative duties, including rentals, security, maintenance and information processing. On occasion, you'll find her at reception, blasting country, laughing with community members and munching on three hard-boiled eggs. She likes: invertebrates, broccoli, fresh coffee and community engagement. Dislikes: limiting green-space, mice and the patriarchy. 

Outreach Staff:

Sue MacTavish, Child & Family Outreach Coordinator

Senior's Entitlement Services Program:

Ben Ziegler, Seniors' Entitlement Services Coordinator

Ben started work at Quadra Village in 2019. He coordinates a team of volunteers, who apply their diverse problem-solving, advocacy, and empowerment skills to benefit seniors in the Greater Victoria Region. Ben is connected to a variety of local elder-friendly programs and networks. A fan and practitioner of collaborative practices, he is also a certified mediator, workplace fairness consultant, and virtual team facilitator. Ben enjoys the challenge of helping people connect the dots and move forward in constructive ways. He is grateful to be part of the inclusive and vibrant Quadra Village community."

Youth Programs Team:

Tara Skobel, Youth Programs Coordinator

Tara comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge in program coordination and community development.  She has her degree in Child and Youth Care and has over ten years experience working in different communities around BC with children, youth and families.  She has a passion for bringing quality programming to youth, helping youth build a sense of community and helping them build their self-worth and identity.  She loves working with youth and community partners.  When she is not at work she is hanging out in nature with her cousin and dog.

Sarah Graham, Youth Drop-in Worker

Sarah started working with the Quadra Village Community Centre after being involved with the Youth Service Provider's Network and Coordinating the City of Victoria Youth Council for two years. She lives is in the neighbourhood and has been involved with a variety of grassroots community organizations focusing on youth empowerment, worker's rights and fair trade. While working on an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Social Justice Studies at the University of Victoria and through community learning, Sarah has started to develop strong foundations for working as an ally with diverse communities.

Athena Bishop, Youth Engagement Facilitator & Out of School Care Leader

Athena began her journey at Quadra Village Community Centre as a volunteer for Girls Group and special events in 2017. Since then, she has had the opportunity of becoming a Youth Engagement Facilitator for Girls Group and a Out of School Care worker. Athena has always had a passion for people, and is now in the Community, Family and Childs studies program at Camosun College. When not at work, she loves spending time with her younger siblings and taking her dog for walks by the ocean. Athena is commited to giving back to the community and providing support wherever it is needed. 

Michaela Louie, Youth Engagement Facilitator

Michaela started working at Quadra Village Community Centre in September 2018 as a youth engagement facilitator of the Girls Group Program and as a casual youth drop in facilitator. She is in her final semester at the University of Victoria in the Child and Youth Care undergraduate program. Michaela has lived in Victoria for her whole life, and even attended the community centre when she was a youth herself. She plans on giving back to her community by working locally and supporting those around her.  

Bob Armitage-Fudge, Youth Engagement Facilitator

Bob runs the Food Skills program for Youth where he teaches culinary skills. Food and education are a passion of his and he is excited to share at Quadra Community Center. He enjoys a variety of cusines but his favourites are indian and mexican. Specifically, tacos and aloo gobi. He looks forward to sharing!  Check out the community dinners at Quadra to get a taste of the youths food!

EJ Weston, Youth Council Facilitator

EJ comes to QVCC with extensive knowledge in civic and youth engagement. They are currently a Children’s Mental Health and Criminal Psychology and Behaviour Student at Durham College. EJ has a large passion for mental health and LGBTQ2+ activism, and when they’re not at work they are either at a hockey rink officiating hockey or hanging out with their cat!

Gordy Bear, Casual Drop-in Worker

Gordy started working at Quadra Village through drum making workshops with youth and community. He then moved into the Casual Drop-In Worker position after a year. He comes to Quadra Village with traditional knowledge from his Cree/Metis background. He loves working with youth and has a passion for drumming and singing with community.

Family Programs Team:

Alyssa Strohschein, Child and Family Programs Coordinator

Alyssa started working at Quadra Village Community Centre in the summer of 2017 as a leader in the Camptastiq summer program. As she was completing her Bachelor of Social Work at UVIC she remained on call to support the Out of School Care in the afternoons, and came on to coordinator Camptastiq during the following summer. She loves working with children and being able to see them grow as people, learn and explore the world around them. And feels priveleged to be able to build relationships with the children and the families that call Quadra Village and the surrounding areas their home. Having being raised on the rolling prairies for most of her life Alyssa is perpetually drawn to the ocean and can often be found there during her spare time with a good book and delicious food. When she isn't there it is more than likely she is busy catching up on a riviting netflix series and trying (*to not burn*) a new recipe.

Rebecca Vukasinovic, Out of School Care Floor Supervisor and Youth & Community Engagement Facilitator

Rebecca was first introduced to the Quadra Village community in 2016 as a practicum student working in the youth programs. Since rejoining the team, she has branched out into a variety of the roles here at the centre. Rebecca believes in creating and building nurturing communities for individuals to blossom in. In her spare time, you can find her drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing near the ocean.

Laurena Jobe, Out of School Care Leader

Laura Ayebazibwe, Out of School Care Leader

Ethan Louie, Out of School Care Leader and Casual Drop-in Worker

Ethan is from Ahousaht First Nations. He has been working with the Quadra Village Community Centre since April of 2018 in the out of school care department, and he has recently started working as a casual youth drop in worker. He is currently working towards my diploma in Community, Family Child Studies, with aspirations of working towards a bachelors in Child and Youth Care.

Grace Ribeiro, Out of School Care Leader

Grace, our resident astrology wing-nut (it’s all in the Cancer sun and Aquarius moon, guys), has been with QVCC as an Out of School Care Leader since November 2018, and is currently studying sociology and ethics at UVic with hopes to one day become an elementary school teacher. She is passionate about the work she does with children and families, knowing everybody has something special they bring to the community. If you haven’t met Grace yet, you won’t have any trouble finding her - just follow her bubbly and booming laugh and voice!

Elif Uslu, Out of School Care Leader

Youth & Family Cousellors:

Al Reid, Cloverdale Elementary  

Back in the mists of time, Al thinks 1993, before e-mail even, her took a job-share position with Lisa Roy at Vic High. He was there for 10 years or so and eventually landed at Cloverdale School and Oaklands School where he enjoyed mornings at one and afternoons at the other for the over 12 years. Al really liked the high school students when he worked at Vic High but found there is something special about the little guys in elementary school. He especially likes witnessing and supporting their whole elementary career from kindergarten to grade 5. There is an interesting continuity evident as well when some of the kids he worked with at the high school end up on his caseload again, but this time with their own kids in elementary school.

Susannah Mckee,  Ecole Quadra Elementary

Susannah feels she has been lucky to work at Quadra school forover 20 years. She finds that every day is different and is full of wonderful and interesting children and  families. Susannah loves elementary age children, laughing together daily!  She finds the teachers and other professionals she works with are supportive and fun as well.

Lisa Roy, Victoria High

Lisa has worked for Quadra Village Community Centre since 1989 beginning, as a Youth and Family Counsellor at S.J. Willis School. In 1992, she began working at Victoria High School. Lisa finds the Vic High community  absolutely amazing, offering a culture whereby students, staff members and parents genuinely respect and celebrate diversity and encourages everyone to be the ‘finest people’ they can be.  Lisa also finds the resiliency of youth to be remarkable, as they pursue their dreams and goals, even when confronted with serious challenges and barriers.  She feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to facilitate positive change and to make a difference. Lisa has learned a great deal from the students and the families that she has worked with and finds that her counseling practice has evolved overtime alongside her own personal development.  She enjoys participating in professional development workshops for enriching her understanding of current issues and trends and cultivating her counseling strategies.  When she is not working, Lisa cherishes time with her family and friends, tries to include some physical fitness in her life (lots of excuse making),  and continue the work, so far a 30 year project,  of restoring their 100+ year old home.  A quote she often use when working with youth is, “the past does not equal the future”.. anonymous

Mark Sheremeta, Victoria High

Upon moving to Victoria in 1998, Mark started to work with Quadra Village Community Centre as a Youth and Family Counsellor. He worked for 5 years at S.J.Willis Alternative School, then for 2 years at the Nurturing Families Program, before returning as a YFC at Victoria High School. Mark truly loves working with young people, supporting them through times of struggle and witnessing and sharing in their successes. He has grown and continue to grow, both professionally and personally, while engaged in this employment. He finds it very meaningful. He has also volunteered working at an orphanage in rural India on two occasions and traveled extensively to various countries. He enjoys hiking, playing hockey, reading, cooking and eating, playing guitar and seeing live music. Life is good!

Maria Ebenal, Victoria High

Genevieve Walsh, Victoria High

Tara Nargang, Victoria High

Debra Porter,  SJ Willis

Ingrid Bach, SJ Willis

Derek Wilson, SJ WIllis

Carol Porteous, Reynolds Secondary

Jennifer Krogfoss, Cedar Hill Middle School

Sue MacTavish, George Jay Elementary

Originally from Vancouver, Sue is a graduate of Mount Royal Collage in Calgary and returned to the West Coast in 1989 to pursue her degree in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. Sue has been working with families, children and youth for over 25 years as a counsellor in a variety of settings and took the position of Youth &Family Counsellor at Ecole George Jay Elementary in 2009. In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family, scrapbooking and outdoor pursuits, including hiking and kayaking. 

Leila Durzi, Family Liaison Worker, George Jay Elementary

Community Partnerships Staff:

Nicola Gunter, Community Gardens Coodinator

Alex Norfolk, Neighbourhood Engagement Coordinator